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FALSE FLAG ALERT: Did the Israeli-owned geothermal plant cause Kilauea’s volcanic eruption after triggering an earthquake swarm?

And, if so, was this act of environmental terrorism a LIHOP or MIHOP?

LIHOP = Let it happen on purpose; MIHOP = Made it happen on purpose

The Millennium Report

There’s no question that geothermal power facilities trigger seismic activity, especially earthquakes.  As follows:

An analysis of earthquakes in the area around the Salton Sea Geothermal Field in southern California has found a strong correlation between seismic activity and operations for production of geothermal power, which involve pumping water into and out of an underground reservoir.

“We show that the earthquake rate in the Salton Sea tracks a combination of the volume of fluid removed from the ground for power generation and the volume of wastewater injected,” said Emily Brodsky, a geophysicist at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and lead author of the study, published online in Science on July 11.
Source: Geothermal power facility induces earthquakes, study finds

Switzerland even shut down a geothermal electric station because of the earthquakes it was causing.  See the blue highlighted screenshot from Wikipedia below.

There was a distinct pattern of earthquakes and tremors that accompanied the eruption of Kilauea volcano which began on May 3rd of 2018.  Fracking has been identified as the main culprit for numerous newly developed earthquake zones across the planet in places like Oklahoma.  Did fracking cause the Hawaii volcano eruption?

Everything points to the extremely dangerous and risky earthquake-causing technology utilized by Israel’s Ormat Technology’s Puna facility located “along the Lower East Rift Zone of the Kilauea Volcano.”

Israeli-owned geothermal plant in Hawaii under fire as lava oozes nearby

Scalar Wave Technology

There is another quite plausible theory about this curiously timed volcano on Hawaii.

It’s now a well-known fact of life on planet Earth that both earthquakes and volcanoes can be triggered using scalar wave technology.

Kilauea Volcano Eruption: Everything points to a scalar wave attack against Hawaii

Some highly proficient seismologists and geohazard specialists have conclusively connected the dots which have proven that an outside energy source has caused multiple seismic and volcanic events around the globe.

This additional source of seismic and volcanic causation is by no means mutually exclusive with the Israeli fracking.  Just like the complex 9/11 inside job, it’s clear that the perps will use different technologies to accomplish their mission.  For example, the following excerpt well explains the likelihood of various types of demolition technologies that brought down the two World Trade Center towers along with Building #7.

In other words, the usage of the aforementioned trio of micro-thermonuclear explosives, super-nanothermite and directed energy weapons are all consistent with different theories which have been advanced by some very smart people.  Therefore, one thing is now abundantly clear: These three effective methodologies are by no means mutually exclusive when postulating the controlled demolition of the three WTC buildings.  That also includes those typical explosives and standard operating procedures which are routinely used in controlled demolitions around the world.  It has also been theorized that there were other even more advanced yet ‘unknown’ technologies utilized to assist in the 9/11 false flag demolitions.
Source: 9/11 TRUTH GOES NUCLEAR: Massive Download In Progress


Which begs the question whenever any major environmental catastrophe simply comes out of nowhere: Was this ongoing volcanic eruption a LIHOP or MIHOP operation?

But why would Israel want to trigger a major volcanic eruption in Hawaii?

It’s critical to understand the timing of the most significant geopolitcal events that occurred this May.  For example, the Trump administration officially moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem on May 14, just 11 days after the first eruption occurred in Hawaii.  That ill-fated opening proved to be an exceedingly violent event that horrified the entire world community of nations. See: Israeli military shot over 500 Palestinians in the head during Gaza protests

When the president of another major Middle Eastern country rightly calls Israel a hardcore “terrorist state” in the midst of the slaughter and wounding of so many Palestinian protesters, one can imagine what the Netanyahu administration would do to distract the world’s attention. See: Erdogan Blasts: “Terrorist State” Israel Is “Guilty Of Genocide”, Withdraws US Ambassador

The whole world knew that this highly inflammatory and illegal move was an attempt by Israel to legitimize the land theft which permitted the embassy to be relocated to Jerusalem.  The following screenshot from Wikipedia even documents the fact that Israel outright stole the new embassy site during the Six-Day War.


The circumstantial evidence now points directly to Israel having planned a cataclysmic manmade disaster that was disguised as a ‘natural’ catastrophe.  Accordingly, this stealthily planned event constitutes a false flag environmental attack on the State of Hawaii.  It should be noted that Obama sanctioned and committed a similar type of enviro attack against the United States as a diversionary tactic.  He even labeled it a “9/11-level event”. See: Obama Staged His Own 9/11 That Nobody Suspected

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly demonstrated that there is absolutely nothing he will not do to advance the Greater Israel project.  He has exposed himself as a primary perpetrator of the 9/11 false flag terror attacks conducted on U.S. soil on September 11, 2001.  Hence, why would Bibi’s warmongering Likud Party not carry out a horrific act of environmental terrorism to divert America’s attention from the calamitous opening of the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem?

The Millennium Report
June 4, 2018

N.B. A close reading of the following AP news report provides other crucial details that represents key dots on the radar screen which, when properly connected, indicates classic MIHOP false flag terror operation.


Cultural Marxism: The Secret Strategy Used To Carry Out An American ‘Bolshevik Revolution’

Once Hollyweird has been dismantled through a good number of RICO prosecutions and civil lawsuits, a HUGE cog in the cultural marxist machinery will have been rendered powerless.  Similar lawsuits can then be filed in all the other industries and spheres of life where Cultural Marxism has operated as the crime syndicate that it truly is.

This is how the scourge of Cultural Marxism can be stopped…

…dead in its tracks! 

State of the Nation

The patriot movement can sue every single criminal racket associated with the Cultural Marxism enterprise out of existence after
every U.S. jurisdiction prosecutes them
under the RICO Act.

There is no greater threat to the American Republic than the unrelenting and slow-motion scourge known a Cultural Marxism.  See: Cultural Marxism Is Destroying America

For the unaware, Cultural Marxism represents a highly coordinated, multi-decade conspiracy designed to irreparably tear the social fabric of American society, and then the entire planetary civilization.

The utterly fake women’s movement, deceptively known as feminism, is just one “ism” that has been used with great effect to destroy American society. See: Cultural marxism is the real force behind the fake feminist movement

It has been acknowledged by various esteemed political scientists and world historians that if the United States of America ever fell, it would be taken over from within, not by an invading enemy.

This observation is quite true.  An enemy on American soil would unavoidably face a rifle behind every blade of grass as the Japanese admiral stated during World War II.

Of course, the real enemies of the USA realized from the get-go that they could overthrow this constitutional republic only from within, which they have succeeded in doing post 9/11.

The barbarians are inside the gate

Actually, the barbarians have never been at the gate, they have been inside the gate since the First World War.  The nation was ever-so-slowly and stealthily taken over by cultural marxists at the very start of the American Experiment.  The Bavarian Illuminati was also founded in 1776 and purposefully paralleled its development to counter the national and individual emancipation advocated by the newly independent Thirteen Colonies.

However, it was the passage of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act in 1913 when the banksters unleashed Cultural Marxism across the land… “from sea to shining sea”.  From that point onward, the globalists have surreptitiously usurped the Constitution as well as the key institutions which comprise the U.S. Federal Government.

With each successive decade, the onslaught of Cultural Marxist ideology and initiative has increased exponentially.  Eight years of Obama graphically reflected the shocking acceleration of the shredding of America’s social, political and economic fabric.  That’s because Obama was set up by his primary financier — cultural marxist George Soros — to explicitly construct the communist Obamanation, which he did with amazing speed and dexterity.

It was through this extremely organized Cultural Marxist enterprise that cultural degradation and moral decay, social degeneration and religious decline, political corruption and governmental criminality, economic collapse and financial downturn would inexorably destroy the Republic from within.  And so it has.

KEY POINT: The same Khazarian mafia responsible for carrying out the Bolshevik Revolution that completely ravaged Russia in 1917 is behind the present Purple Revolution in the United States.  They knew that, sooner or later, the American people would no longer resist their relentless and divisive assaults on society.  By driving so many emotionally-charged wedge issues deep into the heart of the body politic, they have successfully divided and conquered the entire U.S. citizenry.

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO)

The following screenshot was taken from a lawsuit filed against the notorious sexual offender Harvey Weinstein.  The plaintiff has taken the excellent legal approach by going after Weinstein’s entire criminal enterprise, which essentially constitutes a racket(s) under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

By invoking those applicable statutes that were specifically set up under the RICO Act, the plaintiff will not only take down Harvey Weinstein the sexual assailant, they will also take down his entire sexually abusive criminal organization.

In other words, every single individual who was materially involved with Weinstein’s sexual exploitation enterprise is now vulnerable to either criminal prosecutions or civil litigation.  Even those who did not knowingly act as an accessory to crimes of sexual exploitation remain vulnerable; and, in some case, exceedingly exposed to lawsuits that carry high financial liabilities and perilous legal risks.

KEY POINT: The crux of this post is that the cultural marxists and their co-conspirators have been put on notice—BIG time!  Henceforth, anyone who colludes with these 21st century Bolsheviks will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Yes, it may take some time to boilerplate the necessary legal process, but Harvey has shown us what must be done.  From this point forward, it’s merely a matter of execution if we are to save the Republic.

Bill Cosby story

The Bill Cosby story is quite instructive where it concerns the Harvey Weinstein crime spree.

Everyone in Hollywood knew about Cosby’s serial criminal behavior.  They knew that he routinely drugged his sexual prey into unconscious submission before he sexually assaulted them.  Many of Cosby’s agents and co-actors, various producers and directors, studio heads and filmmakers were well aware of Cosby’s shockingly illicit conduct.

Nevertheless, many of these folks looked the other way, while others acted in a manner to enable Cosby’s nonconsensual sexual exploits.  It was really a big game for many of them, as the Hollywood culture became exceedingly permissive during the 1960s, 70’s and 80’s.  In point of fact, the sexual mores of the elites have driven the whole society into a phase of extreme sexual promiscuity up until this very day.  And it only gets worse by the day!

The crucial point here is that the Harvey Weinstein affair (sometimes known as Harveygeddon) is not too unlike Bill Cosby’s trail of feminine destruction.  At certain times, they both relied on the complete silence of others in order to perpetuate their respective sexual crime waves.

Isn’t this exactly what many agents did when they set up potential female co-actors with Cosby?  Each rendezvous was like an unsuspecting sheep being thrown to a wolf.  The extensive network of agents knew that the casting couch would be employed with wanton abandon in both cases—Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein.

Why RICO changes everything

Planned Parenthood, another cultural marxist enterprise, has also been running a criminal racket for decades…and getting away with it by using taxpayer dollars.  This annual government funding, which is in itself quite unbelievable, has conferred a veneer of legitimacy to what is in fact a worldwide crime syndicate that traffics in body parts and tissues.

Now that the Planned Parenthood abortion factory and fetal body part-selling operation has been outed, it can be properly prosecuted under RICO.  Clearly Planned Parenthood is a criminal racket that should be shut down with all deliberate speed before it inflicts more carnage on American society.

Just as the many child sexual exploitation operations throughout Hollywood have recently been exposed as rackets, there are many other revenue-generating enterprises which have been used by the cultural marxist to fund their subversive activities.  In the same way, each of them can be prosecuted as the criminal rackets that they are.

When a sufficient number of these RICO-violating businesses and NGOs have been terminated, the viability of Cultural Marxism will be seriously threatened.  Only when the vast and intricate web of illicit enterprises, which fund so much anarchistic activity, is crippled will the American people be able to take back their country.  Until then, however, toppling the cultural marxists as they reveal themselves is the best that can be done.


Perhaps it’s now more clear how RICO can be strategically utilized to demolish this whole god-forsaken enterprise.  The cultural marxists have quite effectively used the Hollywood machine and celebrity culture to advance their malevolent agenda throughout the USA as well as the world-at-large.

However, in the meantime, it’s important to understand that the cultural marxist agenda is still being promoted everywhere—24/7.  Just this week a famous feminist stalwart and cultural marxist made the stunning statement that “Rape sentences should be lowered”.  See: Germaine Greer says ‘most rape is bad sex’ not ‘violent crime’

The bottom line here is that Cultural Marxism must be defeated in every sphere of society if there is any hope for a rebirth of the American Republic.  In the absence of a resounding defeat, this nation will only continue its devastating downward spiral into the societal abyss.

State of the Nation  
June 2, 2018

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The Ideological Disease known as ‘Cultural Marxism’ Exposed (Video)



World Wars Always Begin With Trades Wars (Updated)

Now that We the People know what the perps have in store for humanity, we can work together to foil their plans, once and for all.  How do we do that? By revealing their ill-fated conspiracies before they can commence with them.

Global Market Collapse Looms As Trades Wars Intensify & Italy’s Sovereign Debt Crisis Deepens

Markets becoming unglued due to contagion of fear and uncertainty

The Millennium Report

Trade Wars

There’s now no question that President Trump has deliberately adopted international economic policy aimed at starting trade wars.  His core team of advisors (who come from the Goldman Sachs mafia and corporate Cosa Nostra) cut the profile of calculating economic hitmen and financial terrorists.   This  camarilla of banksters doesn’t negotiate, they dictate—24/7. See: This means war: furious Canada and Mexico launch retaliation after Trump imposes tariffs

By taking such an aggressive approach with traditional allies and enemies alike, the Trump administration is alienating the entire world community of nations.  Hence, it’s clear that these manufactured trades wars are being launched by purposeful design. Trump Starts an Unnecessary Trade War

Given that the Global Economic & Financial System has yet to recover from the 2008 market crash(es) and subsequent Second Great Depression, Trump’s provocative measures can only be seen as sheer protectionism.  The Federal Reserve could no longer continue to create money out of thin air via quantitative easing.  The $21 trillion dollar plus national debt is currently unsustainable and the whole world knows it thereby undermining precious faith in the once Almighty Dollar.

Team Trump knows that the best defense is a shock & awe offense.  They know that there is only one way out of the worsening fiscal crisis.  And that the inevitable monetary meltdown can only be prevented temporarily using every trick in the hegemon playbook.  As follows:

KEY POINT:  There’s a highly consequential back story to this unfolding drama that must be considered if humanity is to thwart the most destructive schemes on the New World Order agenda.  This multi-century conspiracy has the desperate intention of engineering three cataclysmic events which are spelled out here: THEIR FINAL SOLUTION: Dollar Collapse, Market Crash & World War 3

Italian Sovereign Debt Crisis

Back in 2015 when Greece defaulted on its sovereign debt multiple times, many wondered if that crisis would mark the beginning of the end of the European Union.

Everything pointed to Greece being the Achilles’ heel of the Eurozone, as well as the downfall of the Euro.

At that time, Greek total sovereign debt was just big enough to cause a HUGE problem for the troika— the European Commission, European Central Bank (ECB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The crisis was also giving agita to the German and French bankers who held a LOT of Greek paper.

Nevertheless, the top decision-makers at the EU knew that Greece could not be allowed to fail as it would set a very dangerous precedent and maybe lead to a much larger systemic crisis Europe-wide.

Now fast forward to 2018.

It was always Italy that would be the next major economy to fail should a genuine Greece bankruptcy be allowed to occur.   Given the size of the Italian economy (4th largest in the EU), should a contagion of failures take place, the financial burden on the European Union would be unsustainable.  Such an eventuality would surely augur the final end of the Euro.

Even though the Greek situation appears to be fixed, it’s not.  It’s actually worse than ever, but carefully covered up so as to prevent a contagion of defaults across the southern swath of Europe.

The Italians do posses a sheer genius for papering over the most dismal and perilous financial predicaments.  That comes with having run a couple of Empires for 1500 plus years.

However, sooner or later there comes a time to pay the piper.  The Italians have kicked their can down the road to the point where there is no more road, only a cliff.  They are now staring into the abyss below with no more wiggle room.

This most recent sovereign debt crisis clearly indicates that this one is substantially different than all the previous ones.

However, it’s the current unruly state of Italian politics (When is it not unruly in Rome?) that will likely deliver the death blow to their tumultuous relationship with the EU.   The profound shift in Italy’s political environment today is every bit as earthshaking as the UK’s Brexit and the USA’s Trump movement.  Justifiably the Italians are very unhappy with the way the German banksters have handled the whole Euro fiasco from the start.

Like the Greeks, the Italians have been around for a very long time.  They knew the EU project was a total fraud from the very beginning.  They also knew they had no way of resisting it, as they would have been frozen out of the Eurozone markets.

But when the capital of your country (aka Rome) has been around for over 28 centuries, you acquire some wisdom about the rise and fall of … everything!  This is precisely what the Italians decided to do: let the EU implode under the weight of its own mismanagement and inefficiency, corruption and criminality, and especially its institutional ignorance and arrogance (See article below).

Welcome to the Summer of 2018!

There’s no question that the summer of 2018 will bring interesting times to the Global Economic & Financial System, and especially to the EU’s finances.

With President Donald Trump tearing up the planetary landscape wherever he goes, the degree of uncertainty has never been higher.  In his stated determination to get the United States a better deal on everything, all the international trade deals are under serious scrutiny and reconsideration.

NAFTA, TPP, TTIP each have their serious problems and Trump intends to fix them for the benefit of Americans ONLY.  This will make each of them effectively null and void with no real alternative for any of the participants to go to.  More significantly, the main parties will never agree to losing out on anything in a future agreement(s).

Trump & Company have also eviscerated the WTO (World Trade Organization).  The WTO was always a de facto enforcement agency for the British American Empire, but Trump has taken its coercive powers to new levels of economic oppression and financial tyranny.  Any competitor is simply brought before the WTO  Dispute Settlement Board…after they have been unlawfully sanctioned or made the object of some other unwarranted persecution by the U.S.

Perhaps the most detrimental action taken by Trump was his withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.  This ill-fated move has put the US-EU business relationship in great jeopardy.  The trade wars were already getting hot with threats of tariffs by Trump, now the global trade and commerce paradigm is under serious threat.  Leave it to the Chief Trumpster and Mr. Businessman to turn the whole world order upside down.  If he’s really planning on turning it right side up then what, pray tell, is his plan. (There really is no plan except one of total world domination!) See: STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination

What does all of this have to do with Italy?

The atmosphere worldwide is getting very thick and tempestuous.  The people of Italy have had enough of EU tyranny.  They know that the German banksters have set up a totalitarian rule by money.  With Trump visibly throwing his weight around, the Italians ,too, have been empowered to take back their country from the Rothschild banking cartel.

The political climate in Italy particularly reflects the unshakable resolve of the entire nation to put the power back in the hands of the people.  The recent election outcomes have demonstrated that there’s no looking back this time, no matter what the consequences.

Italians have learned many times over what it’s like to be ruled by a dictatorship and the EU cuts that profile exactly.  The Eurocrats in Brussels really function like an autocracy, and the Italians can smell an autocrat 20 countries away, especially one like Jean-Claude Juncker the Luxembourgish politician presently serving as President of the European Commission.

Then there is Chancellor Angela Merkel, the current dictator of the Federal Republic of Germany .  That’s one piece of work who the Italians blame their overwhelming refugee crisis on.  It was Frau Merkel who invited every economic immigrant and war refugee from the Mideast and Northern Africa to come to Europe for a job… and a home… and a whole lot of government benefits that even the destitute citizens don’t receive.

However, it’s really the unique financial inter-relationship between Italy and Germany that has reached a precarious climax.  The short story is that whenever there is a capital flight from Italy, as there has been because of the extremely volatile political situation there, Germany is usually the destination.  The following article breaks down this financial dynamic quite well.

Italy is the real Achilles’ heel of the EU

This ever-intensifying crisis in Italy started the very day that the country became a founding member of the European Economic Community in 1957.  The government(s) and banks in Italy have cooked the books practically forever, so it was only a matter of time before this predicament finally caught up with them.  When the European Union became official, the Italian institutions were subjected to a new regime of external accountability which they  have never before had to suffer.

The bottom line is that there is no more strict a taskmaster than the German banksters.  They demand an accounting for every Italian Euro as well as Lira still in circulation.  Herein lies a big part of the problem.

Italians, perhaps more than any other country on Earth, have an inherited aversion to paying taxes.  Hence, all the mom and pop enterprises do their business under the table whenever they can.  The corporations have to play by the rules, of course, but even they utilize some very creative accounting practices in order to avoid making tax payments.   Nonetheless, it’s as though the national pastime is tax evasion 24/7.

With this critical understanding, it ought to be easy to see the various problems which can and do develop over the long haul.  Greece also has an extremely well-developed underground economy.   They created black markets out of sheer necessity (read: survival) during the worst period of their ongoing debt crisis.  However, it’s the Italians who have mastered the art of the barter economy since they have so much to offer each other across their diverse economic sectors.

Not only have the Italians always sought to evade normal government taxes, they knew from the get-go that EU levies, fees and taxes were outright theft from their pocketbooks.  They were well aware that they were only supporting a bunch of fat cats in Brussels who essentially did nothing except terrorize the populace via false flag attacks committed by ‘apparently’ disaffected immigrants from the Mideast.  Even today there was another terrorist operation in Belgium as if to underscore this tactic of constant fear-mongering in order to justify their existence (i.e. their ridiculously high-paying jobs).   Liege shooting: Two police officers and civilian dead in Belgium

The bottom line here is that the Italians are hip to all the ways that the EU lords it over the citizenry of each nation on the continent.  It’s always Brussels’ way or the highway and the Italians don’t like driving on the German Autobahn.  Clearly, they have had enough of governance by diktat from what is essentially a despotic communist superstate.[1]

Sovereign Debt Crisis

Truly, it does not get more concerning than Italy’s rapidly evolving sovereign debt crisis.  The following article explains the details, as in the hard redlining numbers, with a very telling comparison to the last major crisis. Italy’s Sovereign Risk Curve Inverts For First Time Since 2011 EU Crisis

The next article proclaims how only direct and immediate intervention by the ECB can solve this dilemma, IF IT CAN.  Mario Draghi, an Italian economist, is the sitting President of the European Central Bank and is the only one in the room who might be able to alleviate it.  Being an Italian, Draghi knows in his bones that this storm must pass over Italy sooner or later. Trader Warns “Only Draghi Can Save Us Now”… But Will He?

It’s of paramount importance for analysts and traders alike to understand that this crisis is much more advanced than any other.   The primary reason is that, during the past 10 years of so-called recovery, the necessary remedial actions that could have prevented the present meltdown were never taken.  This is why even George Soros has sounded the alarm like never before. “Everything Has Gone Wrong”: Soros Warns “Major” Financial Crisis Is Coming 

What also makes this fiscal emergency so dire is the unparalleled linkage between the political and financial realms.  The current crop of populist politicians really doesn’t care about the repercussions of a debt blowout.  They would rather the inevitable debt devastation take place so that the citizens will not be further turned into debt slaves.  And they have the ardent support of the people unlike the past. Panic, Crisis In Italy: Dealers Pull Bids As Bonds, Stocks Crash; Euro, Deutsche Bank Tumble As Contagion Spreads

True, extreme turmoil within the Italian government is par for the course, but this time there are unprecedented moves and maneuvers being made that undermine the foundations of the Italian Republic.  This constitutional crisis has already taken the nation into uncharted territory.  Where and how it will end is anyone’s guess. Italy descends into constitutional crisis with new election likely


This situation in Italy is getting very serious indeed.  And because of its crucial role on the EU stage, the world can expect a lot of Italian drama this summer.

Because of the various forces at work — some of them seemingly uncontrollable, others quite unpredictable — there’s a perfect storm gathering over the Italian peninsula.

It’s as though a conspiracy of multifarious circumstances was purposefully set up and then put into motion so that the resulting Superstorm will literally take apart the EU superstate.  The European Union project was perhaps the worst idea ever to emerge from the Continent as it was stealthily implemented by globalists who want to rule the world.  Their other goal was to easily manipulate an entire continent to carry out their orders, especially those concerning declared wars and other armed conflicts.

The following headline graphically describes the current state of affairs in Italy, and things have not even really gotten that bad yet.

If the job of collapsing the EU superstate was to fall to any member nation, it was Italy.  They know well that empires don’t last, and that when they fall, many people suffer terribly.  Perhaps they have been planning a controlled demolition all along.  Let’s hope so, but knowing the Italians they’re probably doing this one on the fly.

Vivi la rivoluzione!

Trade war always precede major armed conflicts

It is against this rapidly changing backdrop throughout the EU and world-at-large, that agents of the New World Order are moving the nations toward war.

It’s entirely true that all the major wars of the modern era were deliberately engineered by the international banking cartel (who are themselves completely controlled by higher, unseen powers).  They possess the tools and techniques to initiate trade wars.  The banksters also exerted the necessary power and influence to foist economic sanction regimes (unlawful, of course) on powerless countries.

KEY POINT: “Religious authority always trumps financial power and economic prowess, financial and economic power always trumps political power; political power always trumps military force.”
(Source: Anglo-American Axis Wages Financial/Economic War Against Russia)

The Rothschild crime syndicate has resorted to this type of economic sabotage and financial terrorism for centuries.  Their agents now populate the highest echelons of the Trump administration on both sides of the house.  Trump’s Council of Economic Advisors and Neocon Zionist warmongers are now working overtime to create an international environment that is, at once, unpredictably dynamic, rife with apprehension, and full of mutual suspicion between nations.

It is within this highly volatile context that the globalists intend to incite the hot phase of their long-planned World War III (See graphic at the top of this post).  They know the jig is up on their multi-millennial Pyramid-Ponzi scheme, and that there is really no other way out for them.  Therefore, during the remaining years of this decade, relations among nations will become extremely combustible by design.

The very same perps (Illuminati banking families belonging to the Black Nobility) used this same playbook prior to both World War I and II.  They know that aggressive trades wars are quite effective in fabricating a conducive atmosphere for armed conflicts.  They know that a man without a job can be easily conscripted to fight in a foreign land as a mercenary soldier.


There is a HUGE difference between the prevailing circumstances of 2018 and those of 1914 and 1939.  The Information Age has seen a complete transformation of the entire planetary civilization.  Because of the Internet and the emerging reality of a digitally connect global population, everything has changed.

What the NWO globalists could once do in secret is now happening in broad daylight.  In some cases, the Alt Media is able to avert their nefarious schemes before they even execute them.  In those instances where they proceed anyway, their plots are exposed for all to see.

The Millennium Report
May 29, 2018

Author’s Note

Modern-day prophet Edgar Cayce accurately pointed out the “national character flaws” of each of the most powerful nations on Earth.  For Italy, he identified “Dissensions” as their main issue.  That Italy has had more governments than any other country since World War II is a testament to this reality.  What the EU leadership likely failed to understand is that Italy’s dissensions would eventually become the European Union’s problems.  And so they have…in 2018—the year of tremendously interesting times!


[1] EU Exposé: A Planned Totalitarian Superstate to Destroy Europe



The European Union Prison

Vote no to EU enslavement

by cymrusofren

The Charlemagne Prize 2015 being awarded to President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz

It all started off so well. The blue flags, chrome buildings and sense of European brotherhood seemed so positive, inclusive and non threatening, celebrating the diversity of nations on the European continent. The EU was clean, sleek and fit for purpose. It was both metropolitan and rural at the same time. It celebrated diversity of nationality and patriotism in an intelligent open minded way that people liked.

This was a 21st century European collaborative project that could do no wrong – shiny and efficient. Big but wholesome. Croissant and chrome. It was a flotilla of nations on a brave new continent – all politically equal and diverse. It was the political equivalent of a Swiss airliner, a TGV train or an Amsterdam tram. All modern, efficient and new. Going places.

European flags in front of the Berlaymont building, headquarters of the European commission in Brussels.

But now we can see it for what it really is – a giant festooning nest of rotten eggs kept warm by the bloated bottoms of desperate corporate bureaucrats. Nobody knows their names or why they really do what they do. We just know that what they are doing is wrong. And they know that we know. And we know that they know that we know. But they just keep doing it anyway, hoping that all the fuss will go away.

But that can’t happen. All that evil needs to flourish is for good men and women to do nothing. Or for good well meaning men and women to be duped and misled.

But why is the EU so bad?

The points I make here are from the point of view of Welsh patriot who believes in real sovereignity for my country as a fully fleded nation state in the world. They hopefully relate equally to anyone from any of the other nations of Britain, Europe or the rest of the world.

Cj2vEJrWEAEWRiR.jpg large

The EU is not a democratic collection of nations. The EU Commission is undemocratic and unelected – there’s no other way of saying it. Members of the Commission are appointed by member states, not voted in any public democratic process. And only the Commission can propose and allow new legislation. Members of the EU Parliament can only fiddle about and suggest pitiful ammendments to legislation handed to them or agreed by the Commission. They can try and block a legislation if they choose to but the EU Parliament mostly seems happy to rubber stamp one mindnumbingly pointless legislation after another.

Members of the EU Parliament aren’t able to ever form a government either. They are there to make up the numbers, to give the illusion of choice and democracy. This isn’t democracy. This is a corporatocracy and a totalitarian super state governed by a clique of unelected commissioners.


As the great work done by the Corporate European Observatory shows, the EU commission is lobbied by over 15,000 corporate lobbyists including the omnipresent co founders of the EU project, the European Round Table – a group of highly powerful heads of corporations who, as former Commissioner Leon Britton opendly admitted, are able to overwhelmingly influence new EU Commission legislation.

EU interest groups, from agricultural to pharmaceutical groups have been shown to be made up of a disproportiante number of corporate interest lobbyists influencing new legislation, with meetings often held in private, out of the view of public gaze and crucial scrutiny.

‘The Brussels Business – who runs the EU?’ – a film about EU corporate power

The EU also does its best to hamper the right of governments to nationalise any of its countries industries and services such as the railways, the NHS and the steel industry. Common sense protectionism and mixed economies are frowned upon. A drive for an enforced full privatisation programme means that the large transnational corporations are thus able to buy up and control countries and their governments to further their financial and political monopolies.

If the currently proposed TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) between the EU and the USA is passed the situation will get even worse. The deal will literally give a platform to corporate fascism and allow corporations to dictate and bully governments according to their wants and needs. Governments will even be open to being prosecuted by these transnational corporations in secret courts if the profits of these corporations are affected by decisions taken at national level. The European Court is already superior to the misleadingly named Supreme Court of the UK.

EU Parliament in Brussels

This needs repeating. The TTIP deal will allow corporations to sue governments for loss of profits. Corporations will be above and superior to national governments, the very definition of corporate fascism.

The economic matters have been argued back and forth endlessly. It’s apparent that Britain is a net contributor to the EU whilst Wales receives a bit more from the EU in subsidies than what it gives in proportion to its contribution as part of the UK as a whole. But the sum is negligable and can be addressed with some simple tweaks and a stronger Welsh economy in general. Fixing this isn’t rocket science. A publicly owned Welsh bank and/or a Welsh currency being a few obvious solutions. A Welsh stock exchange to ensure Welsh money remains within the Welsh economy rather than being extracted from the country is another.


Recently it has also come to light how the EU has been planning for a long time to force EU member states to merge their militaries in order to create an EU army. If the UK stays in the EU, it will be obliged to agree to this and if the UK refuses to cooperate, Mr Juncker and the EU Commission will be very very angry. Those member states thinking of remaining in the EU would do well to remember the often abbreviated Benjamin Franklin quote of “Those who give up liberty for safety, deserve neither”.

On top of this, a vote for remain is a vote for the European Central Bank, NATO, and the IMF. Ask Greece, Cyprus, Ireland and the former Yugoslavia how that’s gone for them. It should also be obvious by now that it is the privately owned central banks and their subsidiaries who are pulling the strings along with their corporate chums.

The Rothchilds are one obvious example of such bankers – the bank tillers that have allegedly been diplomatically funding both sides in wars, revolutions and other calamities since the French revolution and the Napoleanic wars. They and their affiliates also conveniently own and control most of the globalist mainstream press and media, and therefore control the narrative of news, of popular opinions and of propaganda. Politicans are apparently in awe of them.

Evelyn de Rothchild -

Next we come to the hot potato of immigration – a perfectly reasonable point of debate for citizens of any country to have but one that many from all political persuasions are often unable to have without resorting to hysteria and polarisation.

Natural and sustainable immigration happens organically. Ecomomic immigrants, whether legal or not, can’t be blamed or demonised for looking for a better quality of life. And genuine asylum seekers who escape war zones and civil wars created by any aggressor including western/Nato countries can expect our sympathy and help and should be given refuge in the nearest safe country or countries as set out in international law.

But it isn’t that simple. Sadly there are political leaders and planners who seek to create and use mass immigration and the forced movement of people for their own nefarious purposes. Not many people have heard of the The Kalergi Pan European plan for Europe. In the 1920s Free Mason Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote a book titled “Praktischer Idealismus,” (Practical idealism) which set out his views on how he believed the abolition of the right of self-determination and the elimination of European nations should be accomplished with the formation of an European Union.

Former EU Commission President Herman Van Rompuy

After publishing the book, Kalergi received help from Baron Louis de Rothschild who put him in touch with one of his friends, banker Max Warburg. Warburg then supported Kalergi with considerable funds to help form his European movement. The main problem lays with the fact that what Kalergi called for was not only the destruction of European nation states but also the deliberate ethnocide of the mostly caucasian race of the European continent. This he proposed should be done through enforced mass migration to create an undifferentiated homogeneous mass of serfs to be dominated by a wealthy self electing elite.
Kalergi in his own words:

“The (European) man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of space (nations), time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals”

These are his crude racialist words, not mine. People should be free to mix and settle with a partner from whatever race or ethnicity they choose. But what Kalergi and the Pan European plan specifically calls out for is the deliberate use of disproportianate mass immigration, especially from non European countries, in order to destroy the indigenous pink/white nationalities, and therefore resistance, of Europe.

This is incitement to genocide as defined by the United Nations. It goes against all notions of equality and the celebration of diversity. Such a plan is a deliberate attack on the very notion of diversity – a “Mein Kampf” in reverse. Ethnocidal based European unification and the union of other Orwellian world regions would likely be the first steps in creating an eventual world government, potentially under the UN or a similar unelected global body.

Who's supposed to be the monarch again?

But surely Kalergi was just a lone racist quack with twisted genocidal fantasies? It appears not. Another reason why this is a serious concern stems from the fact that every year, in his honour, the European Union bestows the Coudenove-Kalergi prize to “Europeans who have excelled in promoting European integration.” This is done officially under the name of The Charlemagne Prize. Recent winners of the award have been such moral luminaries as Angela Merkel, Herman Van Rompuy, Tony Blair and Henry Kissinger.

It might be an idea to start asking the board, patrons and EU Parliament supporters of the Charlemagne Prize why it is that they give such a prestigious prize every year in honour of such a racist supremacist genocidal maniac as Richard von Coudenhove Kalergi.

The purpose of mentioning this is to inform the reader about what is probably an unknown aspect of the history of the European Union to many. There can be little doubt that this man is seen as the spiritual founder of the European Union and that he is still being celebrated and revered today by the leadership of the European Union. Whether Kalergi’s vision is being followed word for word or not perhaps is not the main issue. Mass and disproportionate movement of people of people in to Europe is happening whether we believe it or not.


It’s reported that more than a million recorded people reached Europe through irregular means in 2015 alone. According to Frans Timmerman, Vice-President of the European Commission, it’s estimated that around 60% of those coming in to Europe from the Middle East and Africa are economic migrants using asylum-seeker status as a cover. Even this 60% figure seems to be a conservative estimate from looking at other various reports.

It’s long puzzled many how so many poverty stricken refugees escaping from war torn countries can afford to pay the 10,000 or so Euros needed to cross the Mediterranean into Europe. Austrian intelligence officials have revealed that US government agencies are paying for the transport of a great deal of these migrants in to Europe. On August 5th, 2015 Austrian magazine Infodirekt reported:

“It has come to our knowledge that US organisations are paying for the boats taking thousands of refugees to Europe. US organisations have created a co-financing scheme which provides for a considerable portion of the transportation costs. Not every refugee from North Africa has 11,000 Euro cash. Nobody is asking, where is the money coming from?”

French government officials and Turkish authorities are also reported to have been caught red handed selling life boats and equipment to refugees in Turkey. Billionaire George Soros, alleged funder of numerous revolutionary ‘springs’ and movements including the divisive race baiters Black Lives Matter in the USA, who also has a global network of non-governmental organisation (NGO) fronts, recently insisted that the European Union should spend a further 10 billion Euros to facilitate the movement of more than a million mainly Muslim refugees into Europe every year from now on.

George Soros, alleged funder of many 'springs' and movements

Brussels seems to be complying with the instructions of this self appointed unelected global Tsar. Soros is also alleged to be a front man for the Rothschilds. According to renowned journalist Gearóid Ó Colmáin ,the company that would mostly benefit from this increased EU spending is Equistone Partners Europe, an affiliate of the Rothschild-owned Barclays Bank.

Reports also allege that Soros and his cohorts’ geopolitical meddling have helped to create the sudden mass movements of people in general, allowing for the resulting integration of ISIS/ISIL members in to the mass of economic migrants and asylum seekers arriving in Europe. The end outcome being the potential chaos and clash of civilisations and religions that we have already seen glimpses of.

It’s a claim substantiated by numerous other sources reporting that thousands of covert trained fighters have been successfully smuggled in to Europe posing as migrants – the full amount being impossible to determine.

None of this should really be that much of a surprise considering that it’s by now being widely reported that it was the USA, Israel and its allies who created Al-Qaeda in the first place.

The mainstream media who can only shout ‘conspiracy theorist’ at those who present documented evidence have become defunct bodies that the majority of people don’t listen to or trust anymore. It is a conspiracy though, that much is true. A horrific conspiracy against all of humanity, civilisation and all monotheistic religions. Our politicians and public figures have a moral duty to expose all of these issues and the EU deceit for what they are. In this they have failed us.

NATO expansion

Immigration occurs in to all countries and every country on earth has an undisputable right to control immigration numbers in to their countries based on their own capabilities and needs. This debate really should be about numbers, not race, ethnicity or nationality. But immigration only works if the immigration numbers are sustainable, occur organically and are in keeping with the needs and capabilities of the host nation. That and ensuring that there is enough time and resources for new citizens to assimilate and become productive members of their new societies. That is when true multiculturism can work.

When the numbers are disproportionate, unnaturally forced or out of control, there will inevitably be tensions and effects on jobs and wages, on public services and on society at large. Nobody wins. Racial incitement to hatred and extremism from across the whole political spectrum should be tackled whenever it occurs. But the racism of those political leaders that deliberately inflict disproportionate mass migration on any country without the agreement of that country and its people should be tackled equally.

As importantly, all matters to do with diversity in the form of race, culture, religion and nationality should be discussed, debated and understood rather than brushed under the carpet and treated as if they don’t exist.

But in Britain, Europe and the west generally, extreme politically correct indoctrination by the media and the education system has been so effective that many people self identifying as progressive liberals refuse to recognise the issues that mass unfettered and open border immigration can cause to any country if not tackled with a rational and balanced approach.

ClMKcVfWYAAnUgr.jpg large

Freedom of thought and freedom of speech are also under threat from general bigotry, including liberal bigotry. And it seems that it’s only the western, traditionally Christian European countries that have no right whatsoever to speak out or to control immigration numbers in to and within their borders. And any in Europe that do raise rational objections are demonised and hounded down as racists, bigots and parochial isolationists.

In our currently toxic mainstream media, the narrative being pushed is that it is only these mostly white European countries that can be racists, no one else. They have no right to a voice. They have to be silenced and demonised at any opportunity for speaking out against their own potential destruction.

The weapons of so called ‘white guilt’, ‘white privilege’ and ‘spoilt capitalist westerner’ tags have been selected from the divide and rule globalist tool box and are being used to silence any rational concerns that are expressed from within these European nations – the vast majority of which have no issues with sustainable immigration numbers and are welcoming, respectful and tolerant towards all races, religions, nationalities and ethnicities.


The narrative created and pushed in the mainstream media obsesses on and forces and fetishises the whole issue to be about race and skin colour, polarising and framing all arguments based on this predisposition.

And the snobbery, contempt, and derisiveness shown by the liberal elite towards British and European citizens of all races and creed who have a rational and legitimate concern about unlimited immigration, also shows how disconnected the political system is from the public and Realpolitik in general. The inverted racism and polarised views of this liberal  elite are perfectly demonstrated by the fact that they seem to believe that it’s only the pink/white citizens of Britain and Europe who have concerns about unlimted immigration in to their countries.

This kind of attitude is exactly what the EU political elite want to see – the promotion of sovereignity as being an inherently racist concept. This is nonsense. Racism is defined as persecution or demeaning of other races based on the idea of racial superiority. The obvious irony is that deliberate unfettered and enforced immigration in to any country in order to colonise, destablise and destroy it is one of the most extreme racist doctrines that can be carried out and is recognised as genocide by the UN.


The cruel trick played on the well meaning dupes in the west who support unlimited mass migration and open borders, is that they themselves may well be the victims of the worst kind of horrible and vexatious racist doctrine against them. They will even gladly assist and protest on behalf of those elements that want to see them destroyed. That is how effective the cognitive dissonance and propaganda has become and it’s one example of how ultra progressiveness has become ultra regressive.

And there is another deeply flawed double standard in the argument for enforced unlimited immigration and multiculturism. A great deal of the world’s non European populations are monocultural/mono racial. Why aren’t self proclaimed progressives insisting that these countries should be forced to accept open door immigration, to become more multicultural and more ethnically diverse? Why is it that, at the present time, it’s only the indigenous European nations that should unequivocally accept enforced unlimited immigration and multiculturism? Many will protest to rightly defend Tibet and Palestine from displacement and colonisation. But the same people won’t defend the same rights held by European nations. Here the inconsistency and hipocrisy of enforced immigration and multiculturism is exposed.


The In/Out EU debate has been polarised by the media and also often by the campaigning groups on ‘the left’ and ‘the right’. The choice we’re told is to either be on the left and for remaining in the EU on one hand, or on the right and a xenophobic, white privileged swivel eyed isolationist evil patriach racist on the other. This is polarised GCSE level naivety. The tired left right paradigm has become pointless and irrelevant. What people of all persuasions should be able to identify is that the EU is neither one of these things – it’s the very worst of both. It’s a corporatocracy which wants to implement the worse aspects of the far left and the far right – a layer of corporatocratic, plutocratic elite control at the top and a Neo Soviet EUSSR feudal system for us plebs underneath them.

The Remain in Europe campaigners have been very naive to believe that the EU is a ‘progressive’ liberal and positive force for good. When Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley are funding the Remain camp you can be pretty sure that they aren’t planning the EU to be a picnic in the park surrounded by fluffy bunnies and cherub faced choral singers.

But if the left / right terminology has to be used for the sake of explaining then so be it. To paraphrase a commentator on the Craig Murray blog; whilst economic issues have definately lurched sharply rightwards in recent years, social issues have moved sharply to the left. This is why there has been such an increase in identity politics – political correctness, third wave feminism etc, to the exclusion of what might be termed ‘old left’ concerns. And whilst these politically correct issues, also often referred to as cultural Marxism, become ever more ubiquitous, issues of rising inequalities, globalisation and neo liberal economic thinking have been largely ignored.

Lexit – the movie

There can be little doubt that immigration has become a political tool. Children are in danger of being indoctrinated to become unthinking dutiful EU and global citizens parroting the same well oiled cliches as seen and heard in the EU debate. They almost might as well be taught to chant “Tyranny is peace, patriotism is slavery” and be done with it.

But how can an indoctrinated global citizen or ‘internationalist’ truly love the world and all its diversity of people if he or she can’t even acknowledge or respect the right of their own country to exist? It tends to be true that it’s people who have love or respect for their own country that are the people who make the best global citizens in its truest sense. Because these individuals can understand and respect true diversity, and know that the differences and idiosyncracies of the differing nations on earth should be celebrated, not treated with scorn and dismissal in favour of enforced globalist uniformity.

As German philosopher Johann Gottfried Herder – an inspiration to the renowned Austrian and honory Welshman writer Leoplold Kohr of ‘small is beautiful’ fame, wrote:

“The deluged heart of the idle cosmopolite is a hut for no-one.”

But perhaps this is the really important crux of the matter: Sovereignty. Sovereignty, accountability and democracy. Speaking as a Welsh Briton who believes in the fundamental right of countries to be fully fledged sovereign states in the world, it should be obvious by now that the EU is about eroding and destroying the sovereignity of nations rather than protecting them. ‘Pooling sovereignity’ is just another one of those idiotic, cosy oxymoronic terms like sustainable development. Sovereignity is either sovereignity or it isnt.

I believe in my country of Wales. I’m proud of this nation’s remarkable Brythonic heritage as being the original sovereign indigenous nation of the whole of Britain. Proud of the fact that the Welsh language is the original British language and the second most spoken language spoken in Britain today – a language that belongs to all of Britain and its people and whomever else wants to learn it.

I’m proud of my country of Wales as well as being proud of this island of Britain which is shared with its other nations. And I’m proud to be from a tolerant and spirited country that isn’t afraid to fight for its right to exist in a world of diverse, outward looking nations.

The Welsh Britons are the people that have given Common Law to Britain and the world – a pioneering law system that King of the Britons Dyfnwal Moelmud wrote in around 400-500 BC and which is commonly known as Cyfreithiau Moelmud/Molmutine Laws. These were later adopted and incorporated by Alfred the Great of England and Hywel Dda, and later exported around the world, notably to the United States of America.

The Welsh Britons were a highly advanced, civilised and literate nation over a thousand years before the Romans arrived as documented in the Tysilio Chronicle and other historical documents. It was here that the first Christian Church in the world was established by the Welsh Britons in in the first century AD and Christianity taken to Rome from Britain rather than the other way round.These are not things being taught on our EU dictated education curriculums and these are certainly not things being celebrated by the EU.

Cardiff's distinguished Civic Centre

The Britons were trading with the rest of Europe and the middle east a thousand years before Caesar was putting on his metal vest and getting ready to pillage. And they were trading with each other three thousand years before EU Commission President Jean-Claude Junker slithered on his grey suit to address a clique of unelected commissioners in Brussels.

The Britons have been part of a real and proper alliance of European nations throughout history – an alliance of nations trading for their mutual interest, not a corporate super state intent on destroying the sovereignty of nation states under the pretence of European brotherhood.

Out of the EU, a new European free trade alliance could be set up by all the European nations who’ve had enough of the current EU corporatocracy. A simple alliance for trade and friendship only – not an alliance for a mutual national harakiri and the mutual destruction of sovereignty.

My patriotism is not based on hate of any other country or people, narrow mindedness or isolationism. It’s based on love of my own country and on the rational concept of the fundamental right of nations to sovereignty on planet earth – almost a modern crime in the face of the current self appointed liberal elite. The indoctrination of political correctness has been so pervasive that it has brainwashed many into dismissing their own countries as parochial annoyances that should be destroyed in favour of a globalist borderless new world order of regions – a horrible hybrid of Orwellianism and a Brave New World.


A lot of the argument made in Wales and elsewhere is that if we leave the EU then we will be stuck with the nasty Tories in London. This may well be the case but leaving the EU at least removes one extra layer of extra bureaucracy and control. And at least, unlike the EU, there is still some semblance of democracy in Westminster and we can vote them out if we want.

Perhaps people aren’t particularly compelled to trust the Remain in the EU campaigners or the official Westminster/City of London Leave the EU campaigners but, for now at least, there seems to be a common bond for those that want to leave when it comes to defending the basic principle of the right of nations to sovereignty for those nations that want it. What I personally would like to see is Welsh sovereignty from both the EU and UK state. Wales is more likely to claim our own Welsh sovereignty from Westminster than from Brussels if only for the fact that the logistics and bureaucracy involved are reduced.

It can be a puzzling experience to see and hear Welsh compatriots talk about their wishes to see an independent Wales but yet are happy being controlled and being dependent on an unelected undemocratic body in Brussels. This is swapping one form of dependancy from Westminster for an even worse one in Belgium. It makes little sense to me.

Those that genuinely love Europe and cherish its remarkable cultural richness and diversity know that those are the very qualities that the EU superstate wants to weaken and eventually destroy if it gets its way. That and the sovereignty of member states. This is a Trojan horse just like the one that was fatally welcomed in to Troy millennia ago. We are still the Trojans, figuratively and literally speaking – Brutus of Troy being the first known King of the Britons who built Troia newydd / New Troy, now called London, a thousand years before the Romans arrived on the shores of this island.

The barbarians are at the door once more. The EU Trojan Horse expects you to love your enslavement. I suggest that you reject it and fight for sovereignty, for liberty and for hope.



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